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Loughborough Chamber of Trade & Commerce

Our Aims

The Loughborough Chamber of Trade and Commerce aims:-

  • To understand the needs and opinions of both public and private sectors, thereby identifying the opportunities for economic growth and prosperity within the Borough.
  • To represent the business community by shaping and driving forward issues within the Borough, to effect positive change.
  • To encourage the involvement of business leaders within the Borough who can facilitate debate and procure the changes required.
  • To facilitate opportunities for networking.
  • To actively canvas the views of our membership and to give support wherever possible.
  • To continue to work with Charnwood Borough Council and the Economic Development Sub Committee, supporting the initiatives where appropriate.
  • To actively support Enterprise Charnwood
  • To promote active partnership in all business issues, and to actively
  • work with other agencies to stimulate business activities in the
  • Borough.
  • To promote healthy environments within which business and associated developments can flourish and to collaborate with Charnwood Borough Council on these issues

The Chamber supports the following Groups:

  • Action for a Better Charnwood - website
  • Charnwood Action for Fair Trade
  • Charnwood Community Cohesive Pathfinder - website
  • Charnwood Community Safety Partnership - website
  • Charnwood Health Forum - website
  • Charnwood Local Strategic Partnership - website
  • Charnwood Voluntary Service - website
  • Loughborough Transport Forum
  • Parish Green Project
  • Town Team
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