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Our Aims

The Loughborough Chamber of Trade and Commerce aims:-

To understand the needs and opinions of both public and private sectors, thereby identifying the opportunities for economic growth and prosperity within the whole of Charnwood.

To represent the business community by shaping and driving forward issues within Charnwood, to effect positive change.

To encourage the involvement of business leaders within the Charnwood who can facilitate debate and procure the changes required.

To facilitate regular opportunities for networking.

To actively canvas the views of our membership and to give support wherever possible.

To continue to work with Charnwood Borough Council and the Economic Development Sub Committee, supporting the initiatives where appropriate.

To actively support Enterprise Charnwood.

To promote active partnership in all business issues, and to actively work with other agencies to stimulate business activities in the Borough.

To promote healthy environments within which business and associated developments can flourish and to collaborate with Charnwood Borough Council on these issues.

The Chamber supports the following Groups:

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