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We host monthly meetings. Chamber business and local issues are discussed every other month and this alternates with open meeetings and networking opportunities.

Each bi-monthly open meeting has a topic relevant to local businesses, such as traffic and parking, town centre, villages, or the economy. Guest speakers are invited to share their expertise and knowledge with the audience, who can also ask questions. At each meeting, there is time for members to announce their latest news, events and special offers.

Monthly Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter, is sent out to sharing relevant news with the business community and promoting upcoming meetings. There are also opportunities for members and non-members to promote their own events and offers in the newsletter 

Membership directory

Being part of Loughborough Chamber of Trade and Commerce official membership directory is a real plus for every business. Every member gets a section which can be used to promote their services to other members and to the wider community.

We actively encourage all members to use the directory whenever they need a product or service that a local business could provide. If we work together and support each other before we look outside the borough, all our businesses will benefit. Please support us and your fellow local businesses.

The Voice of Business

Loughborough Chamber has a long track record of acting on behalf of its members to bring about improvements for the business community. As well as lobbying for major changes, we support businesses facing problems in their day-to-day operations. 

We believe that working together gives us a much stronger voice at all levels. No matter what the problems your business faces, it is likely there are others in the same position – and Loughborough Chamber is the right place to find the support you need.

East Midlands Chamber of Commerce - preferential access to training and events

Full details provided on membership application.

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Benefit your business, influence lobbying & promote Loughborough plc.

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